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Offers over the past years been celebrated on various days in various months so it is not wish a longstanding tradition. A lot of someone made the decision to hold a national celebration on a day that marked the coming of the First Fleet and the dispossession and oppression of indigenous lenders. This day does not reflect every single that is worthy of celebration even for those on board the First Fleet who were either British military or prisoners belonging to the crown, she said.

But while Prof Carlson believes the date is problematic, she did not think it was improper. The term racist is one that involves a panic and fuels hatred, she said. The date is problematic the date isn t offending. Prof Carlson said the problem was many australia day 2019 Australians did not have access to an understanding of a history behind the date. I think people are more about being labelled racist chances are they are about being fully informed about Australia s colonial history which is sad, she said.

In contemporary Australia legendary cars abound racism manifest when nonindigenous Australians fail to know Australian history in its entirety. Prof Carlson said the events that followed the arrival of the first Fleet were informed using the idea of race motive the mass murder of indigenous people during this era of time was guidance on race. There is benefit in changing the date because it will signal to indigenous Australians particularly but also other Australians, that Australians understand the appearance of the First Fleet and the actions to come have not been positive for indigenous peoples, she said.